Hi, I'm Cody.

I'm a web developer with a passion for the front end. I say I "love the web and hate the internet" because the web is such a beautiful infrastructure and technology; it's hands-down my favorite platform to develop for. Also, it's a joke. I don't actually hate the internet. Even though we all do sometimes, right?

The description of this blog (Pythagoras's catchphrase) is from a bit by James Acaster. I'm currently working at SpyFu.

Why didn't you program this website?

There's no way I was going to write a blog engine in 2019, and I'd rather spend my personal programming time making things that don't exist yet. If I was a designer, sure, I'd do something a little more custom, but if you want a programmer, I'm guessing you don't want someone who can reinvent the wheel, unless you happen to be a recruiter for a blog engine company. If you want to see what my front-end development looks like, I have two examples I'd love for you to check out.

Thanks for reading this page! I can't promise my blog posts will be related to any of it.